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Book your next school or camp event at Archery Circuit! There is fun for everyone as they run, dodge, and work together in our black light arena playing combat archery, NERF guns and dodgeball! Our venue is flexible, and our staff will be there to support and lead the group in every activity.

Here is what we have to offer:

  • Private event sign-up and option to play glow-in-the-dark in our black light arena
  • Pricing includes all activities offered at Archery Circuit: Combat Archery, Nerf Guns and Dodgeball!
  • Private lounge with tables, benches, couches, foosball table, GIANT Jenga, Wii U, practice area, and more.
  • Groups are welcome to order or bring any food to our venue.
  • We will provide you with utensils such as plates, forks, table cloths etc. for parties of all sizes.
  • Full staff support and hosts throughout the entire event.
  • Please note that the final 15 minutes of your booking is a transition time during which the next group will be arriving to set up for the next party.

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