FAQ - Frequently asked questions

To check availability, please click “Book Now” (top right corner) and wait for the Bookeo system to load. Here, you’ll be able to navigate to certain dates, times, and activities. Anything that is not shown is already booked.

Alternatively, you can give us a call at (416) 662-8828. We’ll be happy to help you check availability. Please note, we have access to the same system that you are seeing when you click “Book Now”. The information displayed to you is accurate and will be the same when we access it on our end.

Thank you for choosing Archery Circuit to host your next event. As long as you meet the minimum group size. You don’t need to inform us with the player change. We will just count the total number of players the day of to charge accordingly. 

Birthday Party Packages

Your session is private with the exception of the first few minutes of your session (transition from the previous party to the next) and the final 15 minutes of your party (next party arrives). The activities will be private the entire time (the kids will only be playing with other kids in their party).

Our team does our best to make the transition between parties as smooth as possible. We offer competitive prices and private experiences because we can run parties back-to-back throughout the day; we ask that you respect other parties and our staff during these high-traffic transition periods. 98% of transitions occur without any problems, thanks to our amazing guests and staff.

One- or Two-Hour Sessions

Your session is private if you meet the minimum number of participants for your group (16). Any bookings made by groups with less than 16 players will remain open (other people may book and join your session).

If you do not reach the minimum of 16 players, you can pay $50 in order to make your event private.

Thanks for checking us out! To secure a booking, click on “Book Now” in the top right corner, scroll to the bottom of the page and when the Bookeo system loads, navigate to your desired date, time, and activity. From there, follow the instructions to finalize your booking. You may also give us a call at 416 662-8828. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.

For birthday party packages (kids and/or adults), we require a $100 deposit (refundable up to 14 days prior to your session). For bookings made within 14 days, call us to find out when’s the last day you can cancel for a full refund. All one- and two-hour sessions that are not birthday party packages do not require a downpayment, but require us to hold a credit card on file.We won’t charge the card unless you don’t show up.

Yes, you may bring as many extra players as you like so long as you meet the minimum amount, extra players will increase the price accordingly.

Yes for example, an elite birthday package can include 12 kids plus the birthday kid.

Unfortunately we do not do walk-ins, you have to book online or over the phone.

Our minimum age requirement is 7+. We find that children younger than 7 generally have a hard time operating the equipment, and as a consequence don’t get the whole experience. With that said, if you are hosting a party for kids (ages 7+) but have a few younger siblings that would like to attend, the younger siblings can participate if an adult tags along with them.

No. We offer combat archery, a team activity involving players who shoot each other with foam-tipped arrows. We offer basic training to players before they enter the arena but, do not offer ongoing archery lessons.

Absolutely. We carry a large variety of Nerf guns that satisfy every child’s desires; however, if your son or daughter would like to bring their own Nerf gun, they are welcome to do so.

We’ll tag the Nerf gun so it doesn’t get mixed up with our inventory. We ask that you leave any Nerf darts at home; if you bring them to our facility, we will have no way of distinguishing them from our own.

We host Nerf battles, combat archery, and dodgeball. All games are supervised and lead by a qualified host, and we rotate games with the lights on and lights off (blacklights).

We recommend active wear and a change of clothes as our activities leave our customers truly embracing the sweat. Boots, heels, slippers are not recommended for the safety the customers. Customers are free to change in our washrooms and we provide lockers for our public events (just bring I.D.).

Yes but Archery Circuit will not be held liable for any damaged or stolen personal items. Please let the staff on site know that you would to take a photo and we would gladly assist in that process.

We clean all of our equipment including couches and tables used by our guests. Our safety gear, archery equipment, nerf and dodgeballs also undergo ultra violet radiation disinfectant in addition to disinfectant sprays and wipes.

We offer bows with the draw weights 10, 20, 22, 28, 30 and 35(lbs). Our staff will train and choose the suitable bows for the players in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Yes of course. Our staff will train all players in archery and assist in nerf gun knowledge in order for them to participate. Simple games and activities will be facilitated and adjusted accordingly.

Absolutely! You are free to bring your own food and/or arrange catering for your party. By choosing to have your event with us, you are welcome to use our fridge & freezer for your drinks, snacks and desserts. Alternatively, Pizza Pizza offers Archery Circuit’s customers a small business catering discount (click to view). If you’d like to take advantage of this deal, you won’t need to let us know ahead of time; just let the host know what you’d like to order when you arrive at the beginning of your party.

Yes! You can download a PDF version of our waiver here. Alternatively, any adult over the age of 18 can sign off for the kids when they arrive. We have a physical waiver on-site to sign when your party arrives.

Nope! We provide tableclothes, plastic forks + spoons, chip bowls, plastic cups, napkins, paper plates (plain white), and lighters. If you are eating cake, bring your own cake and candles. We have knives to cut the cake, as well as a refrigerator (with freezer) to store it.

Yes! If you’re coming by the site, you can pickup free invitations inside (only during staffed hours – we only have staff on-site when there is a booking). If you’d like to grab invitations outside of staffed hours, you can grab as many as you need in our mailbox (located in front of our store, in front of door #8).

Alternatively, you may download and print invitations here.

We’re located at 3791 Victoria Park Avenue (Unit 8) in Scarborough, Ontario.

We’re just a short distance south of the nearest major intersection (Victoria Park & Steeles). If you’re heading south from Steeles, you will drive past the Petro Canada gas station on the left. Once you’ve passed the Petro Canada gas station, turn left into the second driveway and find Unit #8.

Yes! We have a lounge where parents and anyone who is not participating to hang out. Here you’ll find a foosball table (table soccer), giant connect-four, a television equipped with live sports and television, two 6-and-a-half-foot couches, and a set of tables and benches to sit. The tables and benches will also be the main dining area for the party during their break.

Yes of course. You may come up to 15 minutes before your booking in order to unload, prepare and possibly begin the archery training. If the group scheduled prior to you is still in progress, we have a waiting area for you and your group till your event.