Looking for an adrenaline rush? We have a variety of activities at Archery Circuit and there is something for everyone. Enjoy archery tag, dodge ball or Nerf Battle sessions in our black light arena. Experience the popular and growing sport where you get to snipe and shoot your friends, glow in the dark style!

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Combat Archery Activities  – Authentic archery experience with foam-tipped arrows to ensure fun and safety. We have an assortment of bows, arm guards and helmets for you to choose from, and everything else you need to unleash your inner ‘Katniss’ or ‘Hawkeye’ as you strive to be the last warrior standing on the battlefield. Come with friends and family to settle some scores and show them the true meaning of ‘tough love’ (just kidding), and you’ll have a moment you will never forget.

Dodgeball – The classic elementary school game, but now you are bigger, faster, and stronger. Our dodgeball games and variation also take place in the black light room, with obstacles and cover adding a strategic element to the popular game. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

Blaster Battle Activities – We aim to have the BIGGEST and BADDEST arsenal of NERF® blasters in Toronto. Enjoy different game types and activities with some of the latest NERF® products available. We are continuously looking to improve our blaster program in Toronto and actively enabling all NERF® enthusiasts to master the art of dart wars.

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